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PetSafe Deluxe Radio Fence Without Wire

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence Without Wire

$ 209.99

If you already have your dog fence wire installed and need to replaceyour current dog fence transmitter and collar, you can use the PetSafeStubborn Dog Radio Fence Without Wire and Flags. You can replace anycurrent dog fence pet containment system.

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Radio Fence features the Stubborn Dog Collar- The most powerful collar available anywhere! We recommend this dogfence if your dog is over 30 pounds and is extremely stubborn or hard totrain. The PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar has five levels of correctionplus vibration in the warning area for an added deterrent and a lowbattery light to let you know when to replace the battery.

The collar with the PetSafe;Stubborn Dog Radio Fence is compatible with the PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter.You can use the Indoor Radio Fence to control your pet's movement andaccess to areas of your home where you may not want him to go.

  • Transmitter
  • Stubborn Dog Receiver with Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Owners Manual