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Anti-Slip Waterproof Colorful Leather Shoes For Dogs Black XS
Anti-Slip Waterproof Colorful Leather Shoes For Dogs Black XS
Black, Matching Dog and Dog Owner Hoodie Set

Anti-Slip Waterproof Colorful Leather Shoes For Dogs

$ 74.00 $ 34.99

Are these not the coolest winter boots that you've ever seen? With the dreadful winter on its way, these boots will give your dogs wardrobe a splash of color! waterproof and super cute Dog Boots! Able to fit small and Medium dogs. 

Why We Love It:

These anti-slip and waterproof Dog  Boots by Adidog are the coolest boots on the market.  Perfect for Small and Medium sized dogs. Perfect for keeping your dogs feet warm in the cold weather and provide protection against snow and salt. Anti-slip soles will keep your dog safe from slipping. Available in black tone and white tone.


Measurement Chart:

Please note: It's always better to choose the bigger size. If your dogs size is a perfect Small, we suggest that you get a Medium size due to the dogs nails and hair grows. 

How to measure your dogs feet:
Set paper on the floor and make your dog stand on the paper - you mark the width and length of the paw while they are standing up, that will give you the right measurement of their paw. 
Give a minimum of 0.5 - 1 cm extra room. That means, you should add 0.5 to 1 cm to the width and to the length and that’s the number you choose. 
The measurement table is the size of the shoes and not the size your dogs paws should be.