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High Waist Winter Boots For Traitorous Winter RED XS

High Waist Winter Boots For Traitorous Winter

$ 40.00 $ 29.99

Why We Love It:
Dog paws need to be protected, just like human feet. If you have an active dog, these boots are a great choice, here are some of the reasons:

  • Breathable, waterproof exterior fabric and are suited for hot or cold weather conditions.
  •  Reflective touch fastener straps, fleece-lined, rubber soles and cuffs which come up the leg.
  • Size length is for the entire paw including nails, a snug fit is best.
  • Set of 4.

About Our Dog Boots & Shoes

Are you kidding? Why does my dog need footwear? Yes, they do have those built-in paw pads, but dogs weren’t designed to deal with modern paw perils such as hot asphalt, tar, ice melt, and broken glass. Even in suburbia, there are hazards for your pet’s paws - hot sidewalks, lawn chemicals, lawn edging, and even hot synthetic lawns! Dog shoes and boots can also help lessen the spread of certain diseases in places like dog parks, dog shows, etc. For dogs with grass and pollen allergies, dog boots, dog sandals, and shoes can be a lifesaver against itchy, cracked paws. Dog booties and socks can also keep your dog from scratching themselves incessantly. No longer does your furry pal need to track in dirt and mud all over your freshly-mopped floors and ruin your carpet.  Also, If it's cold for you, It's cold for them! keep this in mind so your dog doesn't suffer this winter. 
These boots are rubber sole and waterproof with sock top for the active dog.


Size   Length            Width            Wide Inside      Palm width
XS       7.2CM           5.2CM              4.4CM              3.9CM-4.5CM
         8.2CM          5.9CM              5.1CM              4.6CM-5.2CM
M         9CM             6.4CM              5.6CM              5.3CM-5.7CM
L          9.9CM          7.2CM              6.4CM              6.1CM-6.5CM
XL       10.9CM         7.5CM              6.7CM              6.6CM-6.8CM