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About Us

We are a young family of dog lovers.

Here is the synopsis of our ever-changing business: In the past, we would find high priced, high demand products and work with some of the top suppliers to bring the same top quality products but much cheaper than the average retail price! It was great, sales were awesome, and we were forecasting 10 years ahead, but slowly and surely the fees associated with selling and shipping on Amazon's platform rose. We loved what we were doing, but, unfortunately, we financially could not carry on. Then, in 2017 we started “” as a pet-related site with a mission to provide the best products, quality, and service to our customers. 

Dogizdog was born in Ontario, Canada. We concentrated on delivering items to our customers as quickly as possible but also at a discounted price. Our hard work resulted in an overwhelming response from our customers, we are now working on expanding our product line and delivering an even better customer experience than we already do!