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Pet Grooming Glove

HydroPaw™ - Pet Bathing & Aqua Massage Tool

$ 88.99 $ 44.88

Finally, A Tool That Makes Bath Time Easy & Enjoyable For You & Your Furry Friend!
  • Take the stress out of bath time...Guaranteed!
  • Stay in control over your pet & water flow during the entire bathing process
  • Innovative 'Click' On & 'Click' Off design
  • One-size-fits-all: adjustable strap fits hands of all shapes & sizes
  • Includes adapters to connect to either your shower or garden hose
  • Comes with 8-feet (2.5m) hose
  • Great for cats, dogs, horses, etc.
A SPRAYER & A SCRUBBER in the Palm of Your Hand...

Tired of trying to wrangle your pet during bath time? Or chasing them when they bolt? Never deal with that again. We have the perfect solution! Introducing HydroPaw™the world's first wearable sprayer-scrubber combo that can be turned on & off with the press of a button.

Save Time, Effort & Make Bathing A Breeze!

Almost all dogs don't like to be bathed, it's instinctual.  But we promise your pup will tolerate it more when you use HydroPaw™. It gives you total control over your pet & the flow of water during the entire bathing process, eliminating much of the time & fuss involved in bath time. 

Soothe Your Pet's Bath Time Anxiety

HydroPaw lets you control the gentle flow of water through your palm. Bathe & massage your furry friend at the same time, brushing away loose fur, dander, & other debris. 

Easy to Operate & Maneuver

HydroPaw comes with one-size-fits-all glove design with an adjustable strap. This innovative feature makes it easy to wash the face & body with one hand while holding your pet with the other. Simply wear, adjust the strap & bathe! Flick the switch to turn water on or off. 

Less Spraying of Water for Less Mess

The HydroPaw™ bathing glove can be operated with one hand. While wearing it you can still use both hands to control your pet, reach for soap/towels & toggle the flow of water with the button in your palm. 

A Perfect Gift for Pet Lovers!

Bath time is rarely easy for pet owners, so this is a wonderful gift for pet parents you know! Not only is HydroPaw made out of durable, top-quality materials, it also gives pets a mini spa experience so they get trained to love bath time! 

Product Specifications: 
  • Color: Blue
  • Length: about 2.5 m/ 2.73 yd
  • Material: BPA-free, food-grade silicone + polyester fiber + ABS