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Lithium Battery (2 Pack)

Pet Fence Staples

$ 12.95

Cut Your Underground Dog Fence Installation Time in HALF & Avoid The Back Breaking Task of Burying Wire.
Thereis no need to spend a weekend burying the wire underground, or payingsome one hundreds of dollars to bury the boundary wire when it can beinstalled above ground in only a matter of an hour or two. Each Boxcontains 100 Staples - enough to install 500 feet of wire. Our Pet FenceStable can be used;for any brand of underground pet fence.

Using our Pet Fence Staples;you can "Staple" the wire to the ground.Within a matter of 7 - 14 days the root system of your lawn will growover the wire and hide it completely from view, essentially "Burying" itinto the lawn. Not only does this make the installation of your new petcontainment systems hassle free, it also eliminates any potential lossof signal that may result from burying the boundary wire under severalinches of dirt, not to mention the backaches and blisters it will saveyou.

Using Dog Fence Staples is Quick & Easy

Step 1:

  1. First run your twisted wire from your transmitter out to the beginning of your boundary.
  2. Now "Staple" the twisted wire to the ground by hammering in a wire "Staple" every 5 - 6 feet.
  3. Now stop and look at the wire. Is it completely flush to the groundall the way to the start of the boundary? If not go and "Staple" anyraised areas before proceeding to the next step. The wire MUSTcompletely touch the ground.

Step 2:

  1. Next, place a "Staple" where the twisted wire and the beginning ofthe boundary meet (if you have a splice in this area please dig a smallhole about 2 inches deep and bury the splice. Then place a "Staple" inthe front of and behind the splice to relieve any pressure on thesplice)
  2. Now walk the wire to the first corner of your boundary and "Staple"it to the ground. Repeat this step for all four corners of yourboundary.
  3. Next go back just as you did with your twisted wire and "Staple" anyraised areas down until they are completely flush with the ground.

It is that simple.

You have no need to worry about people tripping over the wire becauseit is completely flush to the ground and will be completely hiddenwithin 7-10 days. You also do not need to worry about your lawnmowercutting the wire as the blades will never get anywhere near the wire.Nobody cuts their lawns to shorter than an inch, with the vast majorityof people keeping them at 2" - 3" inches, the wire is flush to theground and cannot be cut.

These instructions will not be included with your pet fence. Youshould print this page if you are going to use the Above GroundInstallation method.

There are really only a couple of instances where burying the wire is preferable.

  1. If you are putting a fence into a pasture area where livestock suchas horses or cattle will frequent, then you will want to bury the wireas their hooves will create breaks. In this case you will want the wireat least 8 - 10 inches underground.

  2. If you frequently have your yard aerated you will want the wire atleast 5 - 6 inches in the ground. Although if you do an above groundinstallation you can simply avoid the exterior boundaries whenperforming the aeration.