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PetSafe Instant Fence Wireless Dog Fence Collar

PetSafe Wireless Instant Dog Fence

$ 299.99

  • Completely wireless
  • Signal field is a circular boundary
  • Maximum range is;a 90 foot radius - can be increased with additional transmitters - See Below
  • Minimum range is 5 feet from transmitter
  • Designed not to correct during a power outage
  • Receiver is constantly looking for a signal
  • Will only correct when the receiver loses the signal from the transmitter
  • 6 adjustable levels of correction
  • Tone only training mode
  • Can be used with a unlimited number of pets, each wearing a collar
  • Protection against false signals. Only our transmitter can activate the receiver.
  • Receiver Fail-Safe. If your pet leaves the correction zone, thereceiver will shut down after 25 seconds to prevent over correction
  • In case of a Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar
  • Waterproof Collar
  • Low battery indicator light
  • Lightweight 2.5 ounce receiver
  • Owners Manual
  • PetSafe RFA-67 Battery
  • 50 Training Flags

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence offers safety and portability and isthe first electronic pet containment system with instant installation.Completely wireless - Keeps your pet in your yard with no stakes, flagsor wire to bury!

The Petsafe Wireless Fence is the safest, simplest form of petcontainment ever. The Instant Fence operates using the same principlesas an underground fence, yet is completely wireless. This wireless fencesets up in an instant and is completely portable, so it's great fortravel or when you move into a new home.;

The PetSafe Wireless Fence uses a constant radio signal to create a"stay zone". The receiver collar worn on your dog picks up the signal.If your dog ventures out of the "safe zone", which is very rare once he is properly trained,;hewill hear a warning tone, followed by a light, static correction whichstartles your dog, but is completely safe and humane.

With a little training that is simple and quick, your pet learns hisboundaries and will stay safe at home. Setting up the boundaries of youryard takes only a few minutes by adjusting the range on thetransmitter, from a radius of just a few feet to up to 90 feet.

The Wireless Dog Fence Collar has Six Levels of Programmable Correctionso you can customize the correction level to meet your dog's uniquetraining needs. Only PetSafe offers this flexibility in a Wireless DogFence!

Increase Your Wireless Dog Fence Coverage with Additional Transmitters
The range of The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence can be increased by usingtwo or more transmitters.; This creates intersecting circles and thesignal is cancelled where the circles intersect. This;allows your petaccess to the entire area. One additional transmitter would create aboundary that is up to 180 feet wide and up to 330 feet long.